Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stop Bellyaching

I am one of those people who whines from time to time about quite awful stomach pain, acid indigestion and that sort of thing. I don't suffer quietly, either, even if I only have the dog to bellyache to. So I'm pretty sure he is quite the happy pup that I have gone ahead with this method lately to shut me up from griping.

It is certainly nothing cutting-edge, to be sure. Millions of folks have done this for many coons' ages, but for some reason it never occurred to have a go at it until just recently. I'm kind of slow on the uptake about certain things, even though this is probably one of the cheapest remedies of all the things to make me better.

Plain old baking soda and water. Frankly, it works for me anyway just as well as and better than some other fixes I have taken over the years. As cheap as it plainly is on the face of it, I take it even one step further by swapping out the buck or two Arm & Hammer branded box for the 50-cent Dollar General box. Sodium bicarbonate is sodium bicarbonate, I always say.

Either way, it is extraordinarily cheaper than the Maalox and Pepto I used to chug, that's for sure, and works amazingly well. Quick relief, too, with just half a teaspoon of it mixed in to half a glass (4 oz.) of water.
The Arm & Hammer website says you can take it every two hours up to seven times a day; personally even I really don't need it that often, but just in case, I guess that matters to someone somewhere.

Sure it's not minty nor pink. I'm really not too interested anyhow in paying so much extra for satisfying a sweetness craving when I just simply want the pain to be gone, and fast. And to that end it works great, the baking soda and water mix, for as cheap as you can get without getting paid to take it. I might be getting rich if that were the case.

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