Friday, January 22, 2010

Changing Clothes

To change or not to change, that's the question; or when is the better question, to change clothes, I mean. I suppose at some point there comes a time you really should, but for me that time usually comes later than sooner. Although I do go further than most folks might be predisposed to even think about, I will admit.

I've said before in babbling on about reasons why I hand wash my laundry, that I get away with a lot just being single, but it's really not such a bad thing wearing mostly the same clothes more than just once before getting them clean.

I suppose there are some people who actually do manage to get some way dirty during the course of a day. I mean those others who do stuff besides just mostly sitting around, like I do. Other than when I step outside for a smoke I don't do too much, hardly anything that would get me dirty, that's for sure.

Yeah, it seems to me a total waste of the resources required to always be wearing different clothes; water, utilities, detergent or soap, time, effort... for no real reason. I mean, other than the clothing nearest to your most secret of parts, I think you should be able to pull off several days' worth of wear between washings.

Not to mention the clothes lasting longer, not getting roughed up tumbling through the laundry so often. Particularly me and my hand washing my own clothes, along with my lazy streak, it works out well all the way around. Except for some sort of accidental spillage or, God forbid, if I have to do something that might workng up a sweat, I'll let go maybe a week's worth of days without cleaning laundry.

Told you I may stretch it out for longer than most, but come on, even giving half that number of wearings you'll be saving lots. Like Mike Lieberman (his blog feed over there in the sidebar) said about wearing the same shirt for four days in a row, he saved quite a bit of wasted water. Not to mention, of course, all of the other resources I've already brought up.

So that's what I do. Something to at least keep in mind, wearing your clothes more than once or twice before just out of habit tossing them toward the hamper. Save the clothes, save some work, save some time, save some utilities, save some money. It's really a no-brainer.

Finally, I'd bet it's safe to assume you're not headed out buying new shoes or somehow getting those cleaned after a single wear. And with shoes we're talking feet, people... feet.

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