Saturday, May 1, 2010

Organic Garden Variety OCD

It was probably the worst day of all to do it, but this past Thursday I decided it would be a fantastic idea to go ahead transplanting the bigger of my seedlings into their permanent containers. By happy chance, all went well, but honestly... I don't know what I was thinking, why that would be a good idea, considering the remarkably high winds we had that day!

Fiftyish mile per hour sustained max gusts, and with absolutely nothing at all to cut off the wind here, it's a wonderment the little guys could manage holding on without any chance to adjust and for digging in. But they somehow managed and seem to be doing amazingly well. I'm really flaky, though, about constantly checking up on them now, making sure they're still whole and living; it's an obsession, practically a disorder of some sort, probably.

I've said it before that I am no stranger to gardening; I have been estranged from it, however, for a lot of years... but I'll be damned if I recall ever worrying so much about the stuff I'm growing. It's like when they were in their little starter cups, I felt that they were some way kept safe, and now that I've got them stuck out there on their lonesome without my regular watchfulness, all manner of pestilence might swoop in and desolate my little setup.

Because I've never done it the organic way before, that's why. I am seriously oblivious about how to best protect and produce, cides-free anyway: the herbicides, the insecticides, fungicides and pesticides, whatever other sundry biocides I used back when... aside from the chemical varieties, I'm totally ignorant what to do. I have a lot of Googling online searching to do about that, which I ought to have already done, my bad.

Particularly I need to educate myself about homemade methods for safeguarding, unsynthetically, my veggie charges, since I'm hardly in a financial position at the moment for buying commercial organics. I'm anxious for them to do well and to provide for me some awesome food later on, and I want to take care of them au naturale, but it's sort of intimidating. I suppose I'll learn as I go, though, and be smarter for it at the end. Most of all I hope to finally get over my garden variety OCD, of course, and naturally.

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